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Dr. Adrian Daisley MSc PhD

Mogi das Cruzes has good opportunities to undertake

This project is an inititave of Development Secretary of Mogi Das Cruzes the Mayor's Office to enhance quality of life and opportunity for existing business, increase creative activity, and create a distinct place for investment.

This been inception since 2015 as an initiative to advance the realization of economic, social and cultural investment opportunities in Mogi contributing to the Development of Brazil.

It will provided technical support and achieved ground breaking outcomes that will contibute a more stable economy.

The project seeks support in this global invest infrastructure development project. This project will transform communities like Mogi Das Cruzes into global destinations, with investment opportunities geared towards business and community development. Mogi das Cruzes will be attracting various investors and businesses large, medium and small from around the world. This project will contribute to economic development, business development, and strategic partnerships.

Besides its value as a factor of economic development, large-scale land purchases business construction can attract global business, such investments often lead to business mutuality and generational wealth. Many countries have committed themselves to good investments, and arealways looking for Responsible Government led investments to further their reach in business. Some other areas that can benefit are land industry, fisheries and forests in the context of National Food Security, yet we still face considerable challenges in building sustainable growth. Mogi requires partnerships between large businesses, for profit organizations and government organizations around the world, and other nonprofit organizations, private entities to achieve livability goals for communities.

Mogi has four Major Industrial parks and we are looking forward to recieving your business

Industrial Park Taboao with generations of businesses 15 thousand square metres and 15 minutes to the airport of Guarulhos. Housing Big companies like: Kimberly Clark of Brazil, Gerdau Acos Longos and General Motors. It also has thirty five industrial businesses.

Industrial Park Cocuera with three thousand large businesses NGK who produces spak plugs Kimberly Clark who produces higine products and Gerdau Special Steel. Available space for development1 million square metres.

Industrial Park Bras Cubas has a good structure and it is located 10 minutes from the central region of Mogi das Cruzes. There are more than 30 medium and large sized industries installed and the district still has more than 2 million square meters available. Two companies grow and develop with Braz Cubas. AGCO, manufacturer of Valtra Tractors, and Placo, which produces linings and coatings, are examples of traditional partnerships with the region. Both attracted medium-sized suppliers who also settled in Braz Cubas and, today, enjoy its structure.

Industrial Park Cezar de Souza houses some of the oldest and most traditional companies in Mogi das Cruzes. The district is 10 minutes from the central region of the city and has a complete structure, such as public transportation, good quality workmanship and access roads that allow the production to flow to President Dutra and Ayrton Senna Highways.

The district has an industrial center with 95 installed industries, 24 medium-sized companies and an incubator that supports the development of new business in the area of technology.

Dr.Adrian Daisley MSc PhD has a Masters in Organizational Behavior, A Doctorate in Human Resources Management, A Bachelors in Theology, Post Graduate in Business Consultancy, Master Certified Counselor, and holds Diplomas in Stress Management, Human Resource Management, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching.